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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Background
  4. Deploying and Running MoodleAzure
  5. Packaging, Configuring and Deploying the Solution
  6. Implementation Details: What Changed
  7. Horizontally Scaling the Application
  8. Conclusion


Windows Azure supports running PHP applications via 2 capabilities: Native Code Execution, and FastCGI support. It also supports running a database engine in a worker role. Azure is designed to make applications highly reliable, highly available, and highly scalable. In this article we will dissect the migration of a popular, open source PHP application to Windows Azure. We will also cover the differences between running that same application with 2 different database engines: MySQL deployed in a worker role, and using SQL Azure. The overall objective of this article is to provide a practical example of modifying, configuring, and packaging an existing PHP web application in order to enable horizontal scalability, high availability and high performance using Windows Azure as a cloud computing platform.

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